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7 Summer Foods You Should Never Eat

7 Summer Foods You Should Never Eat

I’m talking about the one thing we look forward to the most about summer. The barbecues! The hot, sunny, outdoor barbecues where people are dancing, drinking, and EATING! Oh, are they eating! The problem is, as good as a burger is fresh off the grill, they sure make you pack on the pounds if you eat them every day.

Here Are 7 Summer Foods You Should Cut Back On.

Watermelon With Seeds

I know it looks as if we’re getting a bit picky with our first entry. While watermelon seeds aren’t precisely poison for you, they can still do hurt to your body. That is if you swallow them. While most individuals wish to spit their watermelon seeds, you’re going to eat a few along the best way.

I don’t mean to get into this subject matter, but it needs to be mentioned. Watermelon seeds hurt your bowel movements. I don’t mean they’re going to cause physical pain. But they might make it hard to go to the bathroom.
Seeds can also cause some really uncomfortable bloating. Now, the best thing to do is to spit the seeds out to avoid all that nonsense. But at the same time, having to spit out seeds every time you bite into a watermelon gets annoying.

Try going for the seedless watermelon. It’s a pretty easy find when you’re out at the grocery store.

Corn on the Cob

This is another staple of the summer cookout. An outdoor party in July simply isn’t complete without somebody shucking corn a couple of hours beforehand. It’s just tradition. Not only can gnawing on corn hurt your teeth, but it’s also not great for your digestive system.

Let’s talk about cellulose for a second… Cellulose is a substance found in plants. Because it’s unable to be broken down by your digestive system, corn will cause abdominal pain, cramps, and gas. Depending on how sensitive your body is, this can really affect your night.

You’ll instantly turn into the most miserable person at the party. There’s another type of corn you should eat, and boy is it going to surprise you. Ever heard of popcorn. of course, you have! Popcorn is not only a better alternative, it’s much more fun to eat.

On top of that, popcorn contains fewer kernels, calories, and sugar. Not too bad.

Diet Iced Tea

Each and everyone loves a cool refreshing sip of iced tea on a hot afternoon. It makes doing garden work that much more tolerable. Sometimes in order to reduce the amount of sugar they’re drinking, people will choose diet iced tea over the regular kind.

This is a big mistake. I mean sure, you’re not getting all the sugar. Instead, you’re getting artificial sweeteners, which serve as a replacement. Research has shown that artificial sweeteners will extend your tolerance for sweetness.

As a result, you only want more of it. This can cause you to shoot up in weight. If you can’t resist the taste of iced tea, there’s still something you can do. Get some unsweetened iced tea. Squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice in it. That should be a good enough replacement.

Sugar-Free Ice Cream

This is similar to our last entry. Sugar-free products usually just change the sugar with sweeteners which are simply as bad, if not worse. Not only does this have the same weight gain effects as diet iced tea, but there’s also more.

Sugar-free ice cream holds ingredients that draw water from your intestines. This doesn’t just cause the usual bloating, but also gas and diarrhea. Heaven forbid you to have corn on the same night. No one will want to go near you.

Instead of ice cream, it’s suggested you go for some gelato instead. What’s the difference? Well, both are made with a lot of sugar, but ice cream tends to have more fat. Gelato also has a lot more flavor.

Seems like a decent alternative. But enough with the sweets. Let’s get into some meat, shall we? Before we continue, are you trying to get in shape for the summer?

Are your body pains getting in the way of your exercise? Check out our blog on 10 Types of Body Pain and How To Get Rid Of It.

Now back to our list of 7 Summer Foods You Should Avoid This Year.

Hot Dogs

No, I’m not trying to ruin your summer. I’m just hitting you with a bit of tough love. Hot dogs are delicious. I think most of us can agree. They’re just really bad for your health. Whether hot off your home grill, or from your favorite fast-food spot, hot dogs are packed with sodium.

Just a regular-sized dog made at home comes with about 31% of your daily sodium. If you decide to eat two in a sitting, that’s over half your sodium for the day right there! Sodium build-up leads to high blood pressure, which later results in heart disease.

I’m talking about things like heart attack and stroke. On top of that, hot dogs have also been linked to type two diabetes. There’s even research showing it may lead to colorectal cancer. This is similar to the findings in other processed forms of meat.

Now I’m not telling you to stop eating hot dogs altogether. I mean it’s pretty difficult. You just don’t want to have them frequently. Some people eat dogs as a quick snack every day. You only increase your risk of disease this way.


I know, we’re just running through your favorites now. Nobody loves a good burger more than me. I’m actually going to grill one up once I’m done here. But similar to other processed foods, burgers bring on some serious health problems.

Just a regular hamburger on its own is around 250 calories. In that one serving, you’re getting about 20% of your suggested saturated fat for the day. Now the meat may carry a lot of protein, but you’re getting that with more than enough sodium, cholesterol, and carbs.

Other than a good amount of iron, burgers don’t have a whole lot of nutrients to boast about. I know what you’re thinking right about now. Who cares about the poor nutritional value of a burger? I’m only having one. What’s the big deal?

Well, we often practice poor judgment and overeat. How many times have you gone for seconds at a family party? It’s normal to have not just two burgers, but a hot dog as well. Sometimes you even have double burgers! Sometimes, they also have bacon and cheese!

The whole part of a barbecue is to load up on food. You don’t go to one if you’re on a diet. I mean you can, but those folks are never fun! Instead of burgers and dogs, do up some unprocessed meats.
Maybe a good chicken breast once in a while. Or switch things up with some fish fillet. These are excellent to fry over the grill or stove. Try something new.


Ah, good old chips. Can’t go without them during summer. A bowl of nachos sitting next to some guacamole dip is a common sight at July barbecues. But nachos are still pretty bad for you. Sure you have them in moderation, but they’re super addictive.

Especially when they’re laying out in front of you. I mean think about the salt for one. A bag of nachos from fast-food restaurants comes with 20% of your suggested salt for the day. Try 34 grams of carbohydrates on the roof of that.

Experts recommend you have no more than 1500 mg of sodium in a day. There’s also quite a bit of calorie. Regular, store-bought nachos don’t have a ton of health benefits. Here’s what you want to do, instead of the regular tortilla chips that come loaded with salt, get the unsalted brand.

It’s actually not as bad as you might think, and still has some flavor. A 100 gram serving of unsalted nachos has 503 calories and just 15 mg of sodium. This is a healthier and much more thoughtful choice to serve out if you’re throwing an outdoor bash.

The summer can be such a fun time. But you want to make sure you’re staying in shape, and not letting your health get away from you.

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