11 Reasons Why You Need To Start Eating Pearl Millet

pearl millet

Eating whole grains is healthy for you. You don’t even need to eat them that much, just switch up one of your meals. One of these whole grains is pearl millet, more commonly known as bajra in India, from where it originates. Bajra is the edible seeds of pearl millet plants. It can be yellow, […]

11 Foods That Will Help You Fight Anxiety

11 Foods That Will Help You Fight Anxiety

Feeling anxious before a presentation is normal. We all get nervous before exams, important interviews, or in front of our crush. But if this nervousness is constant, you need to take it seriously. Anxiety makes you irritable and afraid. You’ll find it difficult to concentrate in all areas of your life. It even leads to […]

13 Foods Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals

foods that ruin weight loss goals

Trying to lose weight, but unsure about what’s holding you back? You exercise and eat well, YET the numbers on your scale just aren’t budging. Maybe you’re eating something that’s slowing your progress. Today we’re going to talk about 13 foods that are ruining your weight loss goals. Smoothies? Yes, not simply smoothies, however even […]